About Gunny Wolf and SemperToons

Selfless, and others before self

Since he could hold a pencil and draw on a piece paper, Gunny Wolf has been drawing to inspire all those around him to be better. Fast forward to 1987.  Gunny Wolf joins the U.S. Marines and quickly realizes, even in the worlds toughest fighting force and all services around the world need that laugh SemperToons can provide to inspire them and their families to be tougher.  So it began.

SemperToons Mission

SemperToons = "Always Toons" Everyday, Every minute, Every Second and Everywhere someone in the world needs a laugh to get them through that one moment that is just to much. SemperToons is dedicated and honored to provide that laugh in that moment. Regardless of service or occupation!  Let's get through that moment together as a family bonded by Morale and Laughs.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

SemperToons will be there for you and your family. We look forward to working with any organization or sponsor to help us achieve the daily goal of boosting morale world wide!  Together we can do this! Please contact us to support any way you can. - Gunny Wolf / Creator of SemperToons

Ask how you can support the SemperToons mission of morale!

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Your support and contributions will allow SemperToons to meet our goals and improve Morale worldwide! Your generous donation will fund our mission. Any amount is Awesome!  "Thank you so much"   
- Gunny Wolf and Family  

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