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SemperToons' Fans Say:


T M Ongay Diaz - I need to laugh, and you accomplish that. Nuff said.

Alison Gale Porter -  I LOVE SEMPERTOONS! They are spot on and hilarious. First fell in love with them in the 90s when in the Corps. Since then I have made a special order, a gift for a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. And, with permission have used them in a newsletter. Can't wait for more stuff.

Larry LaBossiere - We have been fans of Semper Toons and friends of
Gunny Wolf for several years now. Have shirts and books that he put to gather and if you have any military background regardless of the branch of service you will really enjoy his work. Ret CW3 US Army.

GySgt Kevin J.Carleo - It is often said that 'America needs the Marines Corps  to fight and win wars', and I submit that  the Marine Corps most certainly needs "SemperToons". 

Sheribeari Bartay - When my son was in Iraq, I would print out and send the toons to him.... He said it helped to laugh!.

Terri Egleberry - You Guns, are family to us. You and your darling wife helped us to make the days in the middle east go by much quicker for all three of our boys and their families. We will always value all that you have to offer your brothers and sisters who have and do defend our great nation. God bless and thank you Gunny!! Semper Fi!

Kathee - My family have been fans ever since you were a SGT signing artwork down in Quantico. Still have that motivational teddy bear print. Husband retired as a gunny and the little boy who had to stop at all the Marine bases on our trip ended up EASing as a SGT. We have all enjoyed your humor over the years! ( that must've been close to 20 years ago!)

Mark Sasak - I remember Sempertoons being drawn by a Corporal and in the base newspaper. The toons we're the highlight of the paper and I always looked forward to the new edition because of it.  After I got out of the Corps and moved on from Quantico, I found thatsomething was missing. Besides the Esprit de Corps and the Brotherhood, the memories of Sempertoons were missed and amoung the good memories of my time in the Corps.  When my son enlisted in the Corps, I could not be more proud. When he went for training to Quantico, he met you at the base PX selling your books of Sempertoons. He surprised me with all of your autographed books when he returned and they are now amoung my prized Marine Corps memorabilia that is on display. Thank you Gunny, for making an old Marine smile, laugh and bust a gut whenever I see one of your Sempertoons. I am glad to have found Sempertoons on Facebook also. I look forward to your new toons with anticipation. Semper Fi!

Tim Prather - I remember being on float with you, I was in another unit. I would see you drawing your Toon's on the mess deck of the Comstock. They really made my day and gave me a good laugh when I needed one.

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